April 16, 2012

I'm putting up some of my cross equipment from last year for sale HERE. Selling my wheels at an awesome price with tires. I also have a Stan's 26" ZTR wheelset for sale also so check it out.

The last 3 week segment of training went really well. I started working on some LT and other efforts and I'm amazed how quick that comes back. I did an LT test a month ago and was at almost 300 watts without doing any efforts. Now, after a month I am able to almost cruise at that wattage. I'l be doing another test on Sunday which I'm feeling pretty good about but I'm still amazed how quick you can get back to decent form. This year I have not ridden the trainer at all other than a few times in February and that is awesome. I did ride in the rain yesterday but that is easy once you're out in it and it's somewhat warm which it was yesterday.

Some road racing is starting up this month and I'm trying to decide what races I'll do. Whitnal Park is always a fun race and it looks like a new road race that weekend too. I'll have to get out to one of them I think but I'll have to work it out with Gordy and see how it fits in. I don't want to get things going too fast this year so while racing is fun, I also need to focus this season and that means maybe skipping or waiting on some races I normally like to do.

I got the new Rolf Prima Ralos6 last week and they look great. Should have them setup soon but since they'll be my race wheels I won't be riding them too much other than to break them in and set them up, I'll report back on them hopefully later this week.
Gotta get some pictures up too, check back on that.

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