April 30, 2012

Got the first race of the season in, actually 2nd if you count CX Nats from last January, but that was a long time ago. I kind of relate it to working 3rd shift where you end up working twice everyday - where I work it's 10:30pm to 7am so you end up working twice in the same day at least how I see it. I might have held off a little longer on racing but I always like to go to Snake Alley over Memorial weekend and have some sort of shot at a good result there so I couldn't wait much longer to get some real race efforts and speed in the legs before it's too late.
I like Whitnal park too, it brings back a lot of memories of my first races. When I was just starting racing I took my dads car just after I turned 16 down there to race Jrs. so that would have been 1998 and that would have been a long time ago. It was a little disappointing racing Jrs for me then because there were only maybe 3-4 guys in the Jrs races  so it wasn't very tactical. I did race the 4/5s race most times so that made up for the small Jrs races but there just weren't that many Jrs racing at that time.

I raced my CyclOps Rolf Prima wheel to get some power numbers and it always surprises me how much more you do during a race than just about any training ride you can do. The other half of that is during a race I am always hiding or trying to rest so you get these either really huge efforts or rest periods but you can still end up with some big averages. Here are some numbers
I do a lot of intervals in my riding but there is no way I could go out and do 600 watts every 2 minutes up a hill for an hour but during the race we were doing it without even really thinking about it.

Here is a powerprofile from a rare endurance ride I do from yesterday. I have done a couple of these this year trying to boost my overall fitness a little more. I haven't done really long rides in a couple seasons but this year I've done about 7-8 and this was by far the best for me.

I also got a new phone and hoping when the usb cable comes I can do a lot more pictures on the blog. I used to post a lot more pictures on here but basically it comes down to a time factor of downloading and uploading pictures which just doesn't happen anymore. Hopefully with the new phone I'll be able to at least have a photo taking device on hand more often and available like I used to. We'll see.

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