April 5, 2012

New Sponsor

I Tweeted a few days ago I had a new mtn bike sponsor and I am pretty excited to anounce them today. Actually, they are not really a new sponsor to me, they've actually been an awesome sponsor of mine already for two years but this year we are teaming up for the mtn bike season as well and it's going to be really good. This year I'll be wearing Rolf Prima clothing and be riding the new Rolf Prima mtn bike wheels - the Ralos6. I was hoping the new race wheels would be here for some pictures but UPS says Monday and I didn't want to wait that long to announce. I am really excited that one of my most important cyclocross sponsors has been willing to put me on even more of their wheels and this time on the mtn bike. The last two years I have been very happy using their CX38 carbon wheels for cross and now I'll get to ride them on the trails too. It means a lot to have a company invest so much in me and I am really fortunate to have them support me.

Last cross season I think I had 6 sets of wheels from Rolf Prima, they built up a race powertap for me, and I tested the prototypes of the Ralos6 that I'll be riding this year. I have a set of every day training wheels they laced up on another PowerTap hub last fall that I have been riding every day on my road rides and haven't touched yet. In fact, I haven't touched any of my wheels I have ever received from them ever which for me is huge because I don't really have time to be messing around with equipment.

This also could put me in a position to try 29" wheels sometime this year. I've been talking with Giant a little and I can see trying a 29er hardtail down the road, I know Rolf Prima has some new prototypes for that too besides the Ralos9 that they are already selling so that is a possibility too although I know for most races the Giant Anthem is the bike I'm going to want to be on.

So, this season will be a little new again being on a new team and new equipment but I'm excited to get in shape and start the long season off with some great new sponsors. Thanks to Rolf Prima for their huge support of me and my racing goals!!

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