May 9, 2012

Clif Bars!

The sun re-appeared again today, it's been gone for about a week. The last week was mostly miserable for training but it was mildly warmer-ish so a few of the days I just fendered up and went for it. Riding in the rain is not nearly as bad if it starts raining once you're out in it as opposed to leaving the house while it's raining. Thursday while parts of the state were really getting nailed it was kind of cool to be out and see different fronts coming through but they were so small I almost navigated around most of them, or it seemed like it at least. I'm not sure what gets you more looks, riding in the rain or doing one-legged pedaling drills. Probably the pedaling drills and I've been doing a fair amount of them since Gordy has incorporated a few of them into the normal warm-up routine.
Ellie is less concerned with getting her bike wet than I am
this kind of weather creates a lot of work

I just counted my races from last year and came up with 48! Thats a lot. I guess that was the reasoning though for missing the first WORS race last Sunday. In an attempt to change things up and work on focus something had to give a little in an attempt to put more energy into less races. This attempt is for a 1% increase at the big races and hopefully some wins and solid races at others I haven't been able to win before. I'm still aiming at a fair share of the WORS races, but currently I'm attempting to build a little more fitness before beating myself up too much early on. Only time will tell if it's the right approach but there is no hurt in trying a different approach in fine tuning what we know works pretty well.

I've been lucky to pick up a few sponsors recently for the rest of the season including Lazer Eyewear along with the Lazer helmets who I've been lucky enough to have as a continuing sponsor the last few seasons. I am also really happy to have Clif Bar come on board also with nutritional support including bars, gels, and drink mixes. It is really important to have top end nutrition for training and racing and Cliff Bar leads the way in healthy and easy nutrition. I'm looking forward to using the products as I ramp up the training for another couple weeks before heading down to Burlington, IA for Snake Alley and Memorial weekend races. After that I should be hitting the dirt and putting the Giant Anthem to the test in June if all goes well.

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