January 10, 2012


What to say after a race like that. Not the kind of way I wanted to end my season. Most of the time after a bad race it's hard not to wish for a do-over but I haven't decided that yet on this one. If I knew it would change the result yeah, of course I would but December was a pretty mediocre month of racing for me and the last two weekends were just plain bad so a do-over probably wouldn't change much and so I probably don't even want one.

I haven't really dwelled on the race too much, in fact, I haven't even really looked over the results very much or looked at videos and coverage, I've seen lots of tags on facebook though and the look I have to me says I'm going about 75% right now but that's all I got. That's the way bike racing is though and basing the season on one race is something I have learned a long time ago not to do. I trained hard for the event and stayed pretty focused through the Christmas Holiday but when the body won't do what you are asking there is just nothing you can do. The mind says "more power" and the legs say "there is no more power".

Overall I am still happy with my season. I learned a lot and can take a lot into next seasons planning. It was tough to lay out a season that went into January and started in April but it's hard to look back and say I shouldn't have done this or that, I like racing and there were great experiences at all the races that I wouldn't have if I hadn't gone and racing is the best place to learn to get faster. I think to do any elite level racing there has to be a point though where you need to give up some to gain some and I might have to take a closer look at that going into next season as I consider where to spend my energy. I think another major factor in performance is travel to the race and this year was horrible in that regard. I think 3/5 races I flew to had concelled or severly delayed flights and you just can't show up to elite level races on short nights and long travel.

I think the highlights of the season were Boulder Cup where I was 5th and also Ft. Collins USGP where I was 4th. Both I had amazing days and it's those days that keep me motivated and looking towards improvement. It takes time to learn how to get those results consistently along with a slow increases in fitness levels but over time they can be attainable on a consistent bases. Looking at my early WORS results they went this way too, one weekend 3rd and the next weekend 25th. It just takes time in the sport to gain consistency at a higher level.

My sponsors were really great this year, having two Blue Norcross SL fully decked out with Dura Ace and 5 sets of Rolf Prima wheels to choose from with any option of FMB tires was awesome. Getting two sets of CycleOps powertaps for training and racing on to get that race data on will be a huge help going into next season as we look at the numbers. It was awesome having Lazer helmets again this year along with some new eyewear. The guys at Cyclocrossracing.com have been awesome with me and really done all they could to make sure I had everything I needed. It's great to have a sponsor that calls you to see how things are and if you need anything and it has been great racing with them.

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Anonymous said...

Don't get too down on yourself. It was a long, hard season and longer than what most people do. Learn from it and next year will be awesome!