January 18, 2012

I've discovered that since buying my first house two years ago I actually enjoy most home improvement projects. It's a great distraction from riding this time of the year and mentally it has been great waking up in the morning with something other to do than ride my bike. It's also 8 degrees out right now so I am pretty happy I have no reason to be out, or in, riding my bike right now.

Our entire house has light fixtures that look like this, both bathrooms, our hallway and dining room chandeliers and most of the bedrooms. It's time to update. Updating is very easy compared to renovation.

The new.

Last year I did the upstairs bathroom floor and this year the downstairs vinyl had to go. New paint, vanity tops and fixtures also going in. I find it somewhat hard to integrate a 100 year old house with new updates because we are trying to keep the character of the original style and woodwork but I think we are doing ok at it.

Ellie was excited for the new snow we are finally getting. We've been sledding a few times and Ellie loves it. Last year she wasn't so sure but this year she was saying "nother one" before we even got to the bottom.
I'[m hoping in couple more years she still enjoys shoveling as much as she does now cause she can have the job.

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Jessica said...

For a guy who dislikes shoveling, you certainly picked the wrong driveway.