January 2, 2012


I thought I was doing pretty well with my training but I sure didn't get things right last weekend in Chicago. At least I know what NOT to do before Nationals coming up in a few days. I was pretty far off on Saturday and knew it 3o seconds into the race. I have been a bit inconsistent this year and haven't been able to get it right on the first day of racing yet so I tried to mimic what I will do this coming weekend for a warmup - I will not be doing it so I did come away with that I guess. I rode by myself pretty slow for about 40 minutes and didn't care much after I knew I didn't have it. I considered stopping after 2 laps but I thought I should at least spend a little time out on the cross bike on a course if nothing else. I hadn't planned on racing Sunday and after leaving Saturday I was glad I had made that decision since I don't really have time to rebuild two bikes right now.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Alot of people respect what you are doing.

---- said...

Tristan - hope your prep is going well, I assume you are lined up for a place to stay at Nationals, if not, our house is open, we are heading to the Twin Cities Thursday night - getting back late Sunday night....We are in Waunakee, about 20 minutes from the course, let me know if you are in need.

Anonymous said...

Does your child only get gifts with wheels?