January 24, 2011

The weekend started out good with a decent ski on Saturday. It was cold, probably around 5 degrees out, but I was dressed good and it didn't seem too bad. A bunch of the ISCorp team came up and we skied some laps, fun to be out there with a group instead of by myself. I usually ski by myself because I go in the mornings while most people are at work so I don't get to get out that often with other people and it was fun. I had my camera along but didn't want to risk frostbite getting it out of my pocket. By the time we finished no one could talk straight because of frozen cheecks but for some reason that is tolerable when skiing, not riding though.

The weekend turned for the worse about 3am Sunday morning. I woke up with a bad stomach ache. I had been at work all Saturday afternoon till 11pm and felt fine but at 3am it wasn't so good. I started throwing up and by 6:30am I was wasted. I pretty much got everything out of the sytem by 9:30am and layed on the couch the rest of the day smashed and aching. Luckily I made it till 2 for the packer game. Luckily they won, I was pretty sure they were trying to not win after half time but they managed. I woke up this morning and the smashing headache was gone and so are the other aches, still a bit foggy but ok enough to make it to work. I just have teh rest of this week of not worrying too much about workouts but next week I am starting up so hopefully I'm back by then and feeling solid again. Being sick is miserable, I don't remember the last time I had the flew, must be like 10 years ago. I told Jamie I was sure I had H1N1 because I thought I would get extra attention then, she didn't bite on that one but I sure hope Ellie and her don't get it, that would not be fun. Weren't we all supposed to die from H1N1 last year and this year not a mention - what a joke.

I was hoping to update this website more again this year but I haven't started off to well. I think it will get better though.

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Jessica said...

If Jamie gets the flu and needs help with Ellie let me know.