January 16, 2011

This week has been pretty relaxing. I did start getting in some workouts, we got enough snow on Tuesday and Thursday that the skiing is good again. I got out 3 times this week for about 50k. The snow is soft so it's slow skiing, but it felt good to get back out and exercising again. I managed two rides on the trainer too, but only for 45 minutes each so that is just a warmup.
I talked with Gordy this week and we are getting things started for this coming season. I think I'll be back on the program by February, but after a long season I don't want to start without enough rest. Motivation is coming back and we are hoping to raise the bar another rung this season with some tweaks and adjustments to the program.
With the extra time Ellie and I have spent some extra time together coloring and sledding. I got her a little red shovel so she could help, but she can't hold on through the mittens and would rather stand by her sled and ask for rides. It's a good workout.

Winter still has a long way to go here so we'll probably keep on that program for a few more weeks yet. I'll enjoy a few more sunday afternoon naps and Packer games before getting more serious about my training.

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Anonymous said...

More snow today so it looks like Ellie gets more "workouts."