February 2, 2011

Glad I picked up this snowblower a couple months ago and spent some time getting it running. It was missing a handle, clutch lever, belts and axel bushings. I made everything other than the belts and muffler and put it back together. This 3ft tall drift down half the driveway was a little much for it, the snow was higher than the shoot, but it dug through it pretty good.

Other than that the "blizzard of '11" wasn't too bad in Plymouth. Lots of wind and snow on the ride home last night. Someone as I was leaving work asked if I was crazy for riding home, I asked if he was crazy for driving home. I'd rather get off and walk than pile my car into a ditch because there was no way to see the rode out on a hwy.

I rode inside today instead of skiing so it was a pretty normal day other than the snowblowing. Tomorrow I'll bet the ski trails will be back and groomed good so I'll get out there and get some time in. My ski form feels good right now but that is because I don't overdo it and I only ski a few days a week. If I skied more I'd probably start getting tired and start feeling worse. As it is every time I go my arms and legs are recovered, maybe there is something to learn from that.

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Yay for the snowblower!
Wow, I'm impressed about you riding to work but you're right, rather crash a bike than car.

Jessica said...

Brrr, what temperature is too cold to ride the bike?