August 30, 2010

Focus Shift

It happened this week. After last weekends WORS race it was time to take a week off, rest, and refocus on the upcoming cyclocropss season. That meant not doing WORS yesterday and missing the first opportunity of the year for #1 call up as the new series leader, but more importantly a week to relax mentally from racing and training and to refocus on what must happen coming up.

I announced on FB last week a new team for cyclocross and I am excited to announce it here now with team kit pictures. I am very excited to be riding for a new team called
along with Blue Bikes, Rolf Prima Wheels, and Lazer Helmets. Things came together quickly but I couldn't be set up better with equipment with Blue Norcross SL bikes, some great looking new carbon CX tubulars from Rolf Prima, and continued protection for my noggin from the best fitting, coolest looking helmet company Lazer. It's been very exciting because I wasn't sure earlier in the year of cyclocross on a national level was going to happen, but with the support of the new team a full USGP schedule, along with all the midwest UCI races and Nationals will all be possible.

With the new team and new season comes new motivation. Hopefully with determination and hard work some good cross results will follow a solid early season of road racing and mountain biking. My coach, Gordy Paulson has been saving the best workouts for last, so I am fully expecting to be torn down again after a refreshing break, but he's been a tremendous asset to my racing/training the last 2 years and I know that he will have me ready when it's time to line up against the country's best.

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Jessica said...

I'm very happy for you.