September 15, 2010

Too much going on the last couple weeks. Training for Chequamegon is about completed and I am happy with a solid 2 weeks with some new secret training I had to incorporate for Chequamegon only. As it turned out at WORS #10 in Lake Geneva Sunday it also worked there, but I'm hoping with the session today and maybe Thursday it will have an even bigger effect.
The cross bikes are here and in between training, sealcoating the driveway, working, racing I am trying to find enough to actually get one in working order, it's almost there. Wheels should be here Thursday and maybe I'll find time after work at 2am to put some glue on them, otherwise I'm in trouble for USGP coming in Madison next week. It's a full schedule after that and I've even got a short trip to Gloucester on the schedule thanks to my east coast family. Getting ready for cross season is extremely stressful trying to find all the small little parts you need - like DA chainring bolts for a 46, valve extenders for 8 wheels, the right length stems... It's almost impossible to do working full time and my days are to the max. Luckily, it seems you can still train and race ok with less sleep despite what I hear and read so that's the way it is.

I'll try and update after Chequamegon on how the secret training went. I'll also get pics up of the new cross bikes when I can.


Jesse Rients said...

Good luck at the 40! Crush it.

Jessica said...

Stress builds character.