August 24, 2010

I didn't have any good race photos from the weekend so Ellie takes home the front page. She hated her little infant bathtub the first 3 months, now she's too big for it and thinks it's a row boat and loves it! She climbs in and out for hours and thinks it's fantastic. Funny what you begin saying "whatever" to when you have a 1 year old.

This weekend I cracked 30 races for the season so far. I don't know if that sounds like a lot or not, but I guess it is. The year I raced on Saturn in 2003 I think I did over 70 which is a lot, but many of those were stage races or multi day events and that adds up fast. All of my races are either 1 or 2 race weekends now so I guess that is a lot of weekends. I think there might only be 1 or 2 weekends I haven't raced since April. I like it though and I have been able to stay focused at all of them so I am feeling good about it and still feeling motivated.

This last weekend I raced the last WCA crit of the year in Fond Du Lac and after much deliberation I ended up passing up the shot at $20k at Race the Lake Sunday to do the WORS race. I think that means I am done road racing for the year. It was a tough call to skip Race the Lake, but in reality I just didn't see myself being able to win it against the teams that were showing up and while there is great money for top 10, cyclocross and finishing out the WORS series are my priorities and I needed to keep them. It turned out well at WORS on Sunday so I was relieved about that. I had a hard time at first getting through my legs from the crit the night before, but with the longer, faster laps I was able to sit on comfortably and just wait for them to come around and hope for the others to tire. I know my legs in that situation will more than likely feel better at the end than at the beginning so patience and determination were key. It worked out for me and finally on the 3rd lap I was able to ride at a high level and keep the throttle on for the 5th WORS win of the year. Thanks Mafia and Felt bikes for a great season so far!

Speaking of being done road racing for the year, I am able to sell off a few of my old cross bikes and if anyone is interested, I am selling my two Ridley X nights. They are both 54cm but really measure about 56cm. Well, if you know me you know about my size and they fit me good. They would be race ready other than wheels, leave your email in the comments if you are interested.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Just wait until Ellie likes the box better than "the best gift ever" you give her at Christmas. That is one of the biggest "whatevers" ever!

Congrats on another win. :)

Jessica said...

Jerry Leick was looking for you at Race the Lake. I think he was disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cross should check this out for a great weekend of racing. Hermann is about 1 hour west of STL. Should be some fast guys lining up.

claire said...

Great job again Tristan!

WORS has some photos of you racing at the Photo Contest on Flickr.

In the lead:

With a gap:

On the podium: