July 13, 2010

Firecracker Report - Hard Fought Win

A little down time after Subaru Cup two weeks ago and I was ready to race again Sunday at round 6 of WORS. I had to think about it a little before leaving, 9 hours of driving in one day to race is a little extreme, but with a good streak going I didn't want to miss a 2nd race and be two races behind in the series so I decided to spend the majority of the day driving and hopefully the legs would be ok when I got out.
I hadn't been at the Firecracker for a year and there was a lot of new trails from the last time. Most of the course was the same, just a couple spots that were redone, but it was a lot rockier than I remember and I was glad I put on more durable tires at 6:30am before leaving.
The down time always seems like a good idea, but it never feels that good either while you're doing it or after it's done. I get tight and sore after 2-3 days off and then I start getting sleepy and lethargic during the days. It felt good to get going again this week, but at the same time the legs take a long time to come back around from a week off. I got in some good training to open back up, but I was definitely feeling sluggish Sunday and Darin and Nathan both gave me a really hard fought win. I felt stuck at 90% the whole race and while I was putting out good power, I was loosing ground in most of the singletrack to those guys who seemed so quick in the tight stuff. I decided I had to be in the front to control the race so I did for most of it, there wasn't a lot of open and I didn't want to be following. On the 4th lap Darin crashed and opened the gap that I needed. I rode really hard the last lap since Nathan kept the pressure on and I could see him on switch backs, he definitely had a great race and really made me work for the win but I was able to keep away and ride smooth to the finish for another win making the 9 hour drive much easier.

Photos from: tmeive's

Now it's on to some Superweek to get the legs back and start building again.

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