June 30, 2010


I think I can say I had the best weekend of mountain bike racing I have ever had. I traveled the country for about 3 years in 04-06 doing all the NORBA races and if I could have had just one weekend like the one I had at WORS this weekend it might have changed a lot of things for me. None the less, I was really happy to finally show myself that I had it in me to ride at the front in a pro short track, and also ride close to the top 10 of a cross country. I think top 10 would definintely had been possible had I not been staged 71st on the back row, I rode through riders the entire race and picked off 4-5 on the last lap, but it's impossible to ride into the lead group starting that far back.
Back Row - passed 60 riders in 2 hours, probably 30 in the first 5 minutes

Sunday's short track I was able to start 2nd row and I had amazing legs, maybe better than Saturday, almost scary. I rode the front of the race, covered some moves by Sam Schults and got to watch a couple of the bigs guys crack late in the race. The only bummer was riding by Todd Wells with 2 to go as he popped, only to have him come back on the bottom of the course on the last lap and get my inside on the gravel sweeper into the finish to gain back the 5th spot on the podium. I was pleased anyway to have ridden with that group of riders though, back when I was doing the series I think I got an 8th once in a short track, and I finished pretty high overall that year, but I never was able to ride the front group and be part of the race like I was this weekend.

Huge thanks to Don Edberg at WORS for putting this on and really treating everyone to a fantastic weekend of racing. I really don't think I've ever been to a Pro XC race before with that many fans, that cool of a course and that good of racing. I think all the riders in all the categories enjoyed it all and it was definitely a success and hopefully comes back next year. I think for the Pros especially it was exciting to have a World Cup style course with fans to make it exciting, it was for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go!

trav said...

Nicely done! And it fun racing with you while I could keep the pace.

meghan said...

way to go Tristan! congratulations on such an awesome weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed the cheering. It sure was fun to be out there screaming.

steve f said...

Thanks for the great show of talent coming from the back row.It was a fun time being one of the many cheering for you out there.What a great race weekend this was.Keep up the awesome results.

dirt-diesel said...

Nice race in Eau Claire. you should be in a lot of the photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/dirt-diesel/

Tx for coming up.

Troy - CO race director