July 27, 2010

No racing last weekend since all the rain we had washed out the course I guess. Not that big a deal, wasn't that excited about going anyway. That meant I had a good weekend of solid training which went well. I think I am getting back some good feelings after being a little flat after a week off over the 4th. Got down to the Superweek lakefront road race last wednesday and rode well, it was a hot day in the upper 80s/90 and I think it was 90 miles, we finished in 3 hours so it was fast and hard. It felt good though.
This coming weekend looks like we'll be down in Elk Grove, IL for the races down there. I've never done them before but it looks like a good way to prepare for O2S coming up soon and a good way to get in some extra road racing before it's completely over for the season.

Other than racing, Ellie is keeping us on our toes now even though she isn't walking yet, she tears everything apart and isn't happy if she isn't moving.
She really seems to like water

She also likes to help mom put away, or take out the tupperware.
tWe've got an awesome beach about 15 minutes from home so we have been going there on Mondays and enjoying some warm water and lots of sun which has been a good way to change things up a little and do some family time after weekends of training or racing.

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~ Tandis ~ said...

That's nice that you've been going to the beach on Mondays together. I'm sure Jamie appreciates that you hang out with Ellie too after a weekend away. Cute pictures!