June 20, 2010

What To Do In Your Spare Time

When we bought our new house the one thing it was lacking was a functional kitchen. Most of the "kitchen" area was all crammed in the pantry off the to the right of the stove with very little counter and what counter was there was very crowded by low hanging cupboards. We agreed we would try to update the room a normal kitchen would be in, but I was planning on this winter after cross season.

The only place for the microwave was the card table and it was not very good at all. Neither was the wall paper although a clothes shoot in the kitchen is nice.

The kitchen area was a good size, but I think because the house was built in 1920 that this would have been the family eating area and then next to the kitchen is the formal dining area, which is what we use. As you can see it's a not a very good setup for cooking, although it is nice to have the sink area off in a pantry where it's not as visible, but that's about it.

So what started out as project I intended to tackle this fall I somehow decided to start 3 months ago when racing began full throttle and training was a maximum. I must have needed something to fill the spare 5 minutes I had between that and working 50 hours a week.

I guess we decided to just order cabinets and then slowly work on it. I worked on the electrical for about 6 weeks adding outlets around where the counters would be because there was only 2 outlets in the whole kitchen before and none at counter level, it was a time consuming job cutting holes and fishing wire, but it wasn't too bad even though we have plaster walls and it will be really nice having an outlet for everything now with separate breakers from the other rooms in the house.
I finished the electrical after working on it about an hour a day before work and then the cabinets came in so I just kept going. This last week I really killed it and got in all the cabinets and almost have it done other than the trim to put back on and I haven't skipped any workouts yet! I also haven't slept much the last 3 months, but maybe now I'll be able to take a nap before I go to work instead of sanding counter backsplash.
After shots.
no more card table! keeping the clothes shoot though.


Anonymous said...

You're pretty handy! Do you want to use up some of your spare vacation and head north to help with our kitchen????

Fine work!


Renee said...

That's amazing! Your kitchen looks great - I can't wait to see it in person. I love the picture of Ellie watching you from her high chair. :)

Josh V said...

Kitchen looks great! And I just like seeing you in your compression stockings....