June 13, 2010

It was a pretty interesting weekend for racing. Saturday had me in Ripon, WI for the state criterium championships and Sunday at Sunburst in Kewauskum for the 4th stop of the WORS series. I'm pretty smashed right now. The crit was a 6 corner course with some interesting corners, two off camber and two small climbs, but a very dificult and technical course. To add to that, it started raining 20 minutes before the start so it was wet and dirty. I thought for sure the race would blow apart, but for some reason no one could get away and all attacks were brough back with nothing staying away more than a lap. I had decent legs, but the rain didn't favor me and with 1 BMC rider, 2 Livestrong and a Kenda rider ISCorp was having a hard time getting the right move away. It ended up coming down to a field sprint with ISCorp going 3,4,8,10, not our best result but the rain really made things dificult for us to control.
I was definitely feeling the late night crit today at the WORS race, but I was still feeling decent. I knew with Barry (Kona) at the race it would take it up a level, but after the last race against Barry I wanted a redo on a course built a little better for me, even if it is a horribly boring course that just is not tha much fun. I was agressive and rode the first lap on the front, whittled the group down to 3, attacked hard on the 3rd lap up the start climb to drop Darrin Braun, but I couldn't shake Barry. 3rd and 4th lap was more about dodging lapped traffic while going twice their speed, at one point we both just laughed and shrugged our shoulders as we were bottle necked in the woods and not really racing each other but just trying to get around people. I don't like racing when you can't really race each other but are just trying to get around lapped traffic, it was bad. I am not saying I would have beaten Barry either but when we are both sprinting for the only line down the hill to the finish and I have to brake to keep from hitting another lapper while Barry has the clean line around him I was really disappointed to have it end that way with me on the brakes to avoid riding into the back of a rider during a full sprint for the win.

Ellie enjoyed another race and has been to a lot of races for a 1 year old. She's learned to clap at the riders and seems to keep everyone around here entertained. I am glad we can go to the races as a family since Ellie is so good and seems to have fun, I don't know what we would do if she wasn't so good about driving and hanging out on the sidelines for a few hours while I race.
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