June 9, 2010

Keeping things busy these days, I think my weekends are even more packed than my work/riding days. Last Saturday I spent the day celebrating with Heather and Allen at their wedding, it's the first wedding I've ever stood up in and only the 2nd time I've been a tux. It was a fun day and listening to everyone I didn't know call Allen "Al" all day was funny as I believe I was the one that gave him the nickname which started out with Big Al, but morphed into just Al. Maybe not, but I've been calling him that for years and I thought it was great. Congratulations to them.

Sunday was out the door early after a resonable departure time from the afforementioned wedding and a decent nights sleep to the WI road state championships. ISCorp had a good crew there and I was feeling really good which I wasn't sure I would after last night, and the previous weekend racing 4 times, it's always hard to tell how you will feel after that and then a few days of rest whether you'll be good or stale. I was good. Seem to be riding good form right now. The team played all the right cards with Kip Spaude in the early brake and then finally dropping that and soloing home for the victory. It was pretty easy for the rest of us to keep the race in check and stay fresh, even so there were only about 8 riders left in the main field for the 18% climb/sprint finish that Jordan and I were able to take for 2nd and 3rd. So, a bronze medal at state championships, it's the best result I've ever had there and probably the easiest one to earn, but I've been feeling good on the bike and I'm hoping to keep it going for a few more weeks through the Subaru cup and then see where things are at. We were able to go 1,2,3 in the race which was pretty awesome too, it's been a lot more fun racing with a team than solo. This weekend will be state crit championships and probably WORS on Sunday, even if it is the worst mountain bike race in the country and I hate myself for doing it every year, if it wasn't 40 minutes from my house I wouldn't go.

Big day of training tomorrow after riding the trainer today inside while it rained, that's dedication, and not very fun in June.
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