May 29, 2010

Snake Alley - Finally!

Another rip down to Burlington, IA for another go at the Snake Alley criterium. I thought I'd change it up this year and try doing to road race the day before to see if I felt any better on the Snake on Saturday instead of just driving down the day of and being in the car for 6 hours before racing. I ended up flatting like 30 miles in though yesterday, waiting for the field to flip it at the 1/2 way point, and then I jumped back in for the free ride home only to get called out by the officials. I talked him into letting me ride behind the wheel car and then took the shortcut after 45 minutes of motorpacing, not a great start but I didn't care much, just wanted to open things up.

I finally had the ride I've been looking for on the snake for about the last 8 years. I new it would take the right combination of things to make it happen and it seemed like this year things just lined up for me. It didn't rain, I had the best legs of the season and the race just played out in my favor. I was really strong today and almost felt like I had a throttle on the climb, it's a special feeling. I also had the unknown rider going so kinda flew under the radar of a lot of the guys.

I got off the front with Marcotte in chase of Paul Martin and 1 other rider who had been off most of the race with about 4 laps to go. This was the move I had been looking for and we drilled it. I had been off the front of the chase group earlier with Brian Jensen which I thought might be able to bridge, but I don't think Brian was feeling that great and after a lap we just kind of sat up.
I wasn't suffering at all on the climb and could really stand up and just put the power down and my recovery over the top was great.
I think everyone was suffering more and more with the heat late in the race and once we were away that late we were able to stay away and ended up catching Paul Martin after dropping his chain late. We didn't catch the lead rider, but I was able to outsprint the Marcotte and Martin for 2nd on the day. I was blown away taking a sprint against those two, it was a pretty special feeling standing on the podium at the race I've been coming to for about 10 years and dreaming of winning. I think this is one of the races I imagine winning when I am riding he trainer in January and when the result finally happens looking back at the hardwork really makes it that much better.

Jamie and Ellie got to enjoy watching it and it's been a really fun weekend so far with the team and everyone here. We plan on staying and racing two more days, but now that the snake is over and I got the result I was looking for the next two will be fun and with 80+ degree weather it will be an awesome weekend.
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Congratulations on your great finish.