May 18, 2010

Another good weekend of racing in the books. Did an awesome 60 mile road race Saturday near Baraboo that I just couldn't pass up because it actually has sustained climbing and it's a tough course. The team won again and I felt strong and was able to take it somewhat easy knowing that Sunday was WORS #2 in Rhinelander.

Past years this has not been the greatest race for me. While I suspect it's an awesome place to ride, for me there is just not much in it that makes it a good race for me. I knew that going in but I am motivated and wanted to do well so I gave it my best. Had it not been for Barry Wicks showing up with 29er wheels and 4" of travel front and rear it might have been a different story, but while he was rolling over the rough stuff I was getting jackhammered and doing pushups with my handlebars in between half pedal strokes. That course is just not meant for hardtails, at least going fast.

I was able to hold off the group of Periseo and Matter in a close sprint for 2nd, but I was a little disappointed to have lost to Barry but he upped the game and we couldn't match.

So, now it's a week of work and training, some electrical on the house as we get ready to put in some cabinets and counters and then a full weekend of crit racing to follow. Getting ready for Memorial weekend in Iowa and the Snake, can't wait.


Bassett said...

Next time we're in town we need to stop by the place and see you guys. Sounds like some significant changes since seeing the house last.

Congrats on 2nd...considering you were on a hardtail!
Good luck at Snake Alley, I know you love that race. =)

Anonymous said...

Well done. Enjoy your writing style.