May 2, 2010

Almost too much going on this weekend to even write about. Started out with a trip up to Door County Saturday morning for the Door County 1/2 marathon that Jamie and my sisters have been training for. Awesome spring weather in the 70s and a beautiful park made a great day for the run and the girls did great.
I had Ellie duty and she is really an awesome baby. She was up at 4:45am, no nap till 3pm and happy as could be the whole time. Both Grandmas came to watch the run and Ellie enjoys them both, along with everyone else. I don't know how we could manage weekends like this if Ellie wasn't such an awesome traveller and generally happy about everything.

Sunday was opening day for the WORS series. I've been riding some good season form the last few weeks, won two crits last week in the new IScorp colors and this weekend I wanted a good race for the new team Mafia. Luckily a partial bike showed up Friday afternoon with just enough time to get it working, Ellie can make the final adjustments. The race went well and I continued the win streak, looking back at Iola results from years past I have won this race in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, and now 2o10 and I think I go 5of5 at it. Must be something that fits me well about the course. I was having flashbacks of 2002 riding with Eppen and the long hair and beard again, can't believe I've been racing long enough to have won a race almost 10 years ago. Anyway, it was great to open the mtb season with a win and get that confidence booster.
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~ Tandis ~ said...

She is amazing and waaay tooo cute! :)
Congrats on your win! That's quite a history on that course.

meghan said...

AWESOME job today Tristan!! sorry I missed you guys at the race.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me in the hurt locker.....again.

Anonymous said...

Dude, nice job slaying the field!
Keep the win streak alive!

Anonymous said...

Went past me on my SS like I was standing still.. I feel now officially slow for a 44 yr old.. Congrats! Nice race!