April 7, 2010

Sunday capped off one of my hardest weeks of training in many years and I decided to do it wearing the old Saturn kit. It's a been a long time that I have been able to train like I did last week and it' a been a long time since I have worn this kit. It still feels fast when I put it on and I have a lot of great memories from those days. I still think it is the coolest looking team kit I have worn yet. A lot has changed since then but I am still racing, I think most of the other guys that were on the team are not. I raced most of those two years with Saturn overtrained, overraced and I am pretty sure the 2nd summer I had mono and didn't know it, but I learned the most about racing those years and still use that knowledge today.

The WI road series starts up this weekend. It's rather disappointing looking at the schedule and seeing that for first 3 races, there is a total of $150 to win. The cross series has better payout than any of those races and the turnout is about 75% less! It's a guaranteed money loss even if you win. I don't really see a point in splitting up $150 for 5 places either, give it all to the winner if that's all there is, at least someone can go home with a little extra from the weekend. Enough on that, time to go ride in a wind storm but at least I have a somewhat protected area to ride in so it isn't so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Are you ever going to update about your weekend of excellent racing?