November 20, 2009

Finally got a new motherboard installed on the laptop so I am back in business be that a few weeks behind. Amazing how annoying being without a decent computer can be, no training uploads, no ebill payments, no email. But, got a new one installed and now I can say I can build a computer, someone needs to tell me why those guys can charge as much as they do when I did it myself no problem and in about an hour.

Anyway, Iceman happened a few weeks back and went great. I tried really hard early on to break the lead group into small group since I new a bigger group would not play to my advantage at the end. I couldn't split it up enough, but the group did get whittled down to 5 others, but this wasn't small enough for me. I had the best legs of the season for some reason but still couldn't pull of anything better than last in the group of 6. None the less I felt great and was in the race for the win, had it gone a little different you never know so I was happy with that.

Since then I got in some local cross racing and have gone 3 of 3 so far this year, hopefully I can keep it going through this weekend's state championship. I hope to be at Jingle cross for the races there, I'll have to drive down Saturday morning but that is better than nothing. I'm not sure when the bottom will drop out of my training but the fitness seems to be staying fairly good and motivation is about average.

Ellie decided sleeping through the night is a good idea and now she is much happier, seems like she is a completely different baby from last month, but it 's great! She even puts herselft to sleep now which has Jamie and I asking what is wrong with her? Apparently that is normal but we hadn't experienced it yet. Nice. She made it to two more cross races last weekend too and got to see me win, coach Gordy got to do a little babysitting too while spectating which was fun to watch while riding by.

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