November 3, 2009

...I guess that never happened. Whatever, life is going too fast these days to keep up too date right now. Toronto was a fun weekend in the sense that I felt fast and competitive again at a higher level than normal, but frustrating to know what I had to do to get there and what that costs you in results. You can't expect to win against riders at that level when you are working 50 hours a week and sleeping 5 hours a night, traveling at 4am to get to the race and home back in time to make it to work on Monday, yeah, that's just not going to win races. But, I'll take satisfaction for the time being in 1st place dad, 1st place working man, and knowing that I am riding well again.

Other than that, WI cross racing last weekend at a great course in Milwaukee. The courses I've done locally have all gotten better and are really starting to get well attended. Fun. This weekend is the Iceman. I might have to come down with the H1N1 to get out of work, but I'd do it not to miss the Iceman - too much fun.

Ellie is finally learning to cry herself to sleep at night. Really she doesn't have a choice anymore if she goes to bed, just how long she wants to cry before giving in. Her thumb eventually finds it's way in and that helps a lot. Good thing it's attached. She rolled over a couple times now but still has the bobble head going while on her stomach which is funny to watch.

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D A N O said...

Its crazy how much stamina babys have. They can cry for so long....
Good job Sat, good luck in MI.