November 22, 2009

Four 4 Four

Won the state championship cross race today on a fun and greasy course. Good to test the skills on slippery, off camber cornering again. Registered for Sat/Sun at Jingle cross tonight so I guess I am going. I didn't make it last year but I guess it was really muddy, two years ago when I was there it was blazing fast but I think it would be better if it was slippery or muddy for me so I am hoping we do get the rain/snow they are talking for later this week. After that I need to decide on nationals. I don't have a lot of points for a good call up, I'm not sure an OK call up is good enough to not affect a result at nationals so it's a tough decision if it would be worth it. I haven't actually had very good legs since Iceman, not sure if that race just took a lot out or if I'm just a little flat late in the season but I'm starting to look forward to a break.

Tomorrow Jamie and I spend all our money at one shot, report on that later

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