September 23, 2009


A lot of pain this year at Chequamegon for me. Looking at the riders in the top 20 overall after the race there was some serious horsepower in that race. AFter the front of the race split in half before OO I was in the 2nd group and everyone in that group was capable of winning the race, and we were in the 2nd group! I managed to hang on more than anything and by Seeley fire tower the race came back together with the lead group, but I new that was a really bad spot to make contact as we had probably burried ourselves catching the lead group at the hardest part of the course. I was right and as we all came over the fire tower the gaps opened right back up and I was in the 2nd, but smaller now, group again. We continued to pick up stragglers all the way to the finish but I was cramping bad and just couldn't go when the group got it going on the four wheeler trail into Telemark.
I was happy with 11th, not my worst and no my best, but satisfactory. The rest of the weekend was pretty standard other than doing it all with a baby for the first time. Traveling is still interesting and a learning experience along with eating out and being in large crowds like at the awards ceremony with Ellie. She has been getting better and we are figuring it out but it sure does change the procedures on a lot of things. She's already been to two of the triple crown races and she's only almost 3 months! If we could get her to like her carseat as much as she likes the blue bouncing chair we'd be set.

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