September 27, 2009

Most Aggressive Rider??

Really fun weekend in Madison at the USGPs the last two days. I had the best legs of the year both days and was able to move up both days from near back row callups to the front of the race both days. Today I rode into 8th and was 10ft from latching onto Swiss rider Christian Huele and CrossVegas winner Driscol but after two laps of dangling I just couldn't latch on and ended up having to battle Wicks for 8th. To add to the good races they awarded me a monster check for being "most aggressive rider" rider of the day which was pretty special for me. I'm still wondering where the good legs came from, most likely from all the local fans screaming in my ears on the run up which was awesome. I also wasn't putting very much pressure on myself going into it and maybe that helped with the aggressive nothing to lose attittude. Still, there are days when you are feeling it and days your not and I've been getting kind of use to mostly not feeling it.
Anyway, I had a really fun weekend seeing everyone and catching up with a few of the crossers I've known over the years and the results were the topping on the cake. Sleeping at home during it all ranks right up there too. Felt bad for everyone packing up bikes and heading to airport early while I sleep in... not really.

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d*pow said...

Nice Work out there Tristan. Wasn't it just a year ago you were superfanning this race! Big time props to you!