September 1, 2009

A bit of a rough day at the races this weekend in Green Bay. I was pretty sure before I started that I wouldn't be too hot, I'd taken almost 2 weeks completely off since O2S and other than racing around lake Winnebago I had mostly been off the bike and doing other things - like working 50 hour weeks, but that's boring to talk about here. I also believed everyone when they said the race was wide open and screaming fast so I was a bit out of position by about 20 places when the course went into singletrack .5 miles into the race. That pretty much took me out of the lead groups instantly as the gaps opened up wide right away and since I was lacking any amount of significant horsepower there was no way I was going to ride up to a group of the midwests strongest riders who had a 30 second headstart. So, I just rode hard with a group and had fun, the singletrack flowed well and the race went by quick until the last 3 miles where a lapper crashed while trying to pull over for our group, his bike went airborne and landed in my lap sending me airborne also. I pedaled in for 12th, definitely could have been better but I needed a break earlier and if racing is to continue on at all this fall it will pay off shortly when the fitness comes back around, hopefully in time for the Chequamegon.

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