August 18, 2009

Lull in the Action

I've backed off things hard since Ore 2 Shore two weeks ago. I'd been preparing for that race pretty hard and then things just didn't work out that well there. I felt fantastic Friday preriding and Saturday race day was no different. I was able to ride over the luge climb at the front and even gapped the front group on the downhill, but after that the race didn't really go that hard until the powerline climb where Brian and Mike got away and then we in the chase went the wrong way on the course at a critical moment as it was splitting up. To add to the wrong turn I flatted shortly after as we were riding through the field. Basically I was sitting on the back of the chase group unable to see the ground as Doug pulled at 30mph, hit a big rock and flatted the rear tire. My race was over and my Co2 was empty so I bummed a ride back in what was my shortest O2S race ever. Very disappointing and it let a little air out of my motivation which has definitely helped with the system shutdown after the race.

I didn't ride much last week except to do the Race The Lake road race around Winnebago on Sunday. It was too far to La Crosse for the WORS race and it was only 30 minutes to do the 90 mile race with good prize money. I didn't have that great of legs after being off all week but it was fun and we were done racing by 9:30 am which has to be a new record for me - 90 miles in by 9:30 in the morning - nice! It kind of reminded me of when I was training in Tucson and would leave at 5:30am in the dark and freezing cold to get to the shootout on time, then ride home with pockets jammed full of cold weather clothing at noon in 100 degree heat with 100 miles in. Kinda like that. Ryan Baumann won, he rode strong and hurt a lot of people in the crosswind sections. I had good position throughout the race but had bad cramping issues in my left hamstring which is still sore today, better take another day off.

Ellie is getting baby pictures today, I hope she smiles. She started a little bit last week but it's kind of hit or miss. She has more clothes than I do and she took over my closet and dresser.
She also gets to take a nap whenever she wants ( which actually doesn't seem that often) on the couch where I use to, now I have to go to work instead.

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