July 24, 2009

Summer Racin'

The weeks are flying by. Things are starting to settle in a little more with the 3rd person in our house and last weekend I made it back to the races and I would even say somewhat successfully. Getting use to all the planning ahead it takes with a little baby is hard to adjust too, but Jamie is doing a great job and definitely more than her fair share I have been able to continue training and racing.

Last weekend I made it to Sunburst for the mtn bike race. While it is pretty far down on the list of fun races, it's made up for by the close proximity to home - 40 minute drive time. I had a decent race but needed my full suspension bike to be able to pedal any harder. You would think riding on 90% grass at a mtn bike race would be a good hardtail course but I knew it wasn't going into it but that's the only bike I had ready to go and I paid the price dearly as Brian floated over the cut grass and I bounced off the saddle. Luckily it was a shorter race.
I am amazed at the photos WORS collects for their photo contest, there are some really great ones and I am impressed what people can come up with. Thanks to everyone that submitted.
Yesterday I made it to my first Superweek race in Milwaukee. I can't complain about racing on a Wednesday, especially when it meant a total of 97 miles and 4 hours of riding along the lakefront in Milwaukee. There were some pretty big teams pressent and although I felt good, my positioning experience is not that great when there are groups of 15-20 attacking of the front constantly and into crosswinds. I had fun though and came away fealing good so hopefully it was good training for Ore 2 Shore, can't wait for that. Saturday night I am hoping for a little speedwork at the Great Downer Avenue bike race, I haven't done that one in years and am looking forward to it.
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