May 18, 2009

This last weekend was busy. Saturday I drove over to the Baraboo area for what was probably the best WI road race I have ever done. A solid field of WI and MN riders and an awesome course that was by far the toughest I have raced around this area only made harder because of the fierce winds and pace. Significant amounts of climbing on each of the 20 mile laps that separated the field immediately. I was able to go on and off the front with different groups before finally riding the last 20 miles in a chase group of 4. I had some cramping issues in the last 15 miles but was able to ride through them and was able to out sprint a few of the remaining companions for 5th which I was quite pleased with.

Sunday I was slightly bummed not to be heading to Iola for the WORS race but there were more important things - like my sisters wedding. It was a good time and I ate too much dessert, but that's ok after Saturday's race. My family is getting pretty dialed on doing weddings, I think this was the 4th one in 5 years.

What brother in laws are for

The daily commute also just got a little more braaaaaaap in it - it was time to upgrade. 400cc's of slick tire fun with way too much torque. A little loud at 5:05am though as I roll down the driveway.

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