May 12, 2009

I can't keep up anymore, I haven't had time to update from last week yet and this week is almost 1/2 over already. I raced again this last weekend in Muskego and had a good race. I won that race a long time ago and it's a good course for me. I like the direction they ran it this year with the longer climb through the start/finish and it kicks hard twice so it is good for me. I've been riding well, haven't had the best of luck making the right move but IS Corp has done a good job of playing their numbers to their advantage. We've had some smaller fields this spring too in the 1/2s races which hasn't helped either, but the racing has been fun and mostly that's what it's all about. Getting some good fitness in before the mtn bike season starts up is a plus too.
I've been working hard this spring on bringing my power up for cyclocross this fall and I think it's working. It's a lot of hard work, I'm not sure what is harder to do mentally, a 4 hour ride slow or a 2 hour ride filled with intervals, but mostly I've been doing the latter since that's all I have time for and I feel stronger and faster than years past. I have lost a bunch of weight too, not sure if it's from the interval training or the long days at work with lack of sleep, but either way it's been coming off and that is a good sign as I have been increasing my power output.

I ordered some lightweight wheels and some special components this week for my GT Zaskar, when it's built and finished I am hoping for a sub 21lb bike. I'll post a pic when it's finished, I think I will be able to drop over 1.5lbs in wheel weight alone and I've got some other cool stuff to try too.

This blog is too long, time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

I did notice you were looking a bit chubby, but I didn't want to say anything.