May 22, 2009

Heading down to Burlington, IA for another Memorial weekend racing bikes. I have really gotten to like doing these races over the years and Snake Ally is my favorite crit of the season. It's one of the hardest races I do all year but I find it fits my riding style about the best I could ever hope for at a crit so my goals are always high for this one. Going as light as possible so I'll ditch the powertap for the first time this year. I use to run a 27 tooth in the back but then I got a compact crank and started running a 36 up front with a 25 in the back. I relized though that if you are at the front of the race going for it, you pretty much need to be pushing a 39x23-21 up the climb to stay in the lead group so this year I am running my standard setup and not messing around doing anything special. I'll probably blow up 5 laps in and wish I had a bailout gear, either that or I'll win.

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