May 23, 2009

There is one thing that can really make Snake ally a bit scary and that is rain. It's usually the same forcast every year hear, 80 and scattered t-storms. This year was only a 30% chance but we nailed it on the head. 5 minutes before the race started so did the rain.
The snake was really slippery and standing up to climb on it was almost impossible because of wheel slip. I really like to stand when I climb. Decending is not really my specialty either, add in a couple high speed corners in the rain and I pretty much take myselft out of contention for any kind of good result. Waa waa waa, disappointing none the less.
Somehow I seem to get relatively the same result every year despite how I feel going into it. Last year I had only raced one time before and was quite a bit heavier and finished 25th, this year I have been racing and riding pretty well and finish 20th. I'll blame it on the rain this year, looking forward to a drier race tomorrow and cleaning off all my equipment the rest of the night.
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Kyle J said...

Nice work today Tristan! 6th! I probably would have gotten 5th....