June 10, 2009


The weather is still stuck in March. I think the temperature hasn't changed in 3 months, we are still stuck in the 50s and I've ridden in the rain/wind for close to 75% of my rides last week. That wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so cold and dreary out. Last Saturday I rode with full fenders, winter booties, leg warmers and thermal jacket. It's hard to get motivated to ride when the weather is constantly bad.

Sunday it did not rain at the state road championships, although twice on the way down it rained so hard cars were pulling over on the interstate. The race went well, it was long at 80 miles for a WI road race, but it should be for state championships. An early brake got away that should have stayed away, it had most of the strong men in it, but ISCorp was reading my mind and kept it within reach while buring it's matches. With about 35 miles to go the break came back and the counter move attacked at the top of the major climb. I went across to it and that was it, we rotated through for the remaining miles until I got popped when the eventual winner Matt Buschey(?) started attacking at crazy speeds. I managed to hold off the remainig field solo to the finish and to top it off I didn't have to sprint up the final climb to keep 4th place. That climb is brutal and I didn't want to sprint over the top like the last few years, worked out perfectly - got dropped before the climb and got to go up it at my own pace.

Monday I got the bad cold Jamie had for 2 weeks so I am spending today starting my Facebook page instead of riding. I think it will be my first day of missed training since January 1, that's not too bad. Now I probably won't have as much time to train since I have Facebook.


Anonymous said...

This weather builds character.

Anonymous said...

Nice work at Mt Morris! Very Impressive. You guys were flying!