March 17, 2009

Not only did I ride outside today but I got to ride in shorts again, I had to wear sunglasses just from the sun glare off my legs. How can I still have a line where my shorts stop if I haven't been in sunshine for 6 months?
It felt good to get out and not have to get ready for 20 minutes before doing so. Going from 30s to upper 50s is like entering a whole new world, I saw some people outside today and I haven't seen people outside on a ride in a long time. Hopefully it keeps up for a while, we deserve it.
I tried to get a jump start to the season on Sunday since the weather was good. It felt good to pedal through corners and go fast again.

Safe and smooth course with wide corners which is key for early season racing, I just wish doing a criterium didn't mean driving into the industrial park to do it.

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