March 23, 2009

There's something about using a hacksaw on a brand new bike that just isn't right. There's got to be a better way.

The final product is really nice though, this bike is rockin'! Can't wait to open up the throttle on it, very cool bike. How about Dura Ace though, I think Shimano might have outdone themselves as I don't think there is anyone left that can buy something that expensive. Ultegra is good enough for me these days and from the looks of the elite field, it is for 80% of the riders this year. I think after two weeks of racing I have only spotted one bike with the new DA, it's just too expensive with not enough benefit.

I raced again this weekend on the cross bike and hopefully it's the last time on that bike. I'm not planning on racing next weekend, I had a good build period but this week is all about recovery and there is plenty of time for racing in another month. The cross bike worked surprisingly well, especially for guys asking what I was doing on it, but after lapping the field two weeks in a row on it maybe the extra drag from the cantilever brakes isn't as much as they thought it would be.

Picked a good week weather wise to hide out and not ride much, build up bikes and catch up on projects around the house that get neglected during training blocks.


Anonymous said...

where have you been racing?

kyle j said...

Did you win?!? It doesn't seem to be listed on your resume page.... Glad to hear you are crushing once again!