January 25, 2009

Long hours at work and limited daylight means I had to change my workout routine and add something different to the mix. My Cyclops fluid trainer has a bearing going out and I can barely hear the tv anymore when I'm on it so I upgraded for the closest thing to being outside. The roads around here are terrible even if I wanted to man up and try and ride in the cold weather, but the chance of crashing and breaking another collarbone is pretty good on the windblown roads so I'm getting good and mindnumbing training sessions. I must be getting use to it though, pounded out 3 hours today like a walk in the park. 2800 Kilojoules is no walk in the park though.


Ryan said...

3 hours on the hot dogs, that's macho.

Anonymous said...

looks like you smoked the carpet just like andrea did.....rookie!

Brian said...

you are nutz, when you moving to CO?


Anonymous said...

Cyclops has a lifetime warranty.
You should check in to that.
Then again your making the big $$$

Jim Hollister said...

My Kreitler Rollers (purchased in early 1980s) with Killer Headwind attachment are wonderful for indoors, but I can't stand more than 30 minutes!