November 6, 2008

Shred'n New Trails

Over the summer IMBA built about 5-8 miles of new trail at the Northern Kettle Moraine unit on top of the 2-3 miles they built last year. There really isn't too much for trails around here unless you like to ride in Evergreen park where the Sheboygan WORS race is, but I've been doing laps there since I was 12 and can pretty much ride there in my sleep. Yesterday I got out to the new stuff which I hadn't ridden yet and it was really good. About a 30-40 minute lap of all singletrack and another 15-20 minutes worth of trail that they finished last year means there is almost a full hour of singletrack riding now within riding distance from home. It felt good to get back in the woods, even though I probably am not supposed to be yet, but my shoulder didn't bother me at all, besides that I was a bit nervous of crashing on it again with all the leaves covering the roots and rocks so much. I made it though and by the end of the day had a solid 4 hours of riding in on an unseasonably warm November day.
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kyle j said...

Just in time for Iceman!! Rip it up Tristan!!
Kyle j

nwgdc said...


Just found your blog..great stuff!

Do you know if a map exists of the new single track out there?


Anonymous said...

If you want to head NORTH, come up here and you'll get fat shooting deer off our deck while sipping your "special" smoothie.

Glad to hear you're back on the bike riding singletrack.