November 3, 2008

I'd Be Starving If I Had To Shoot All My Food

1995 deer hunting

This last weekend I spent with my dad bird hunting in the woods and setting up my spot for deer hunting in a few weeks. I did finally manage to knock down a duck after we spent Friday morning at a pond, it's actually a little embarrassing I only knocked down one since they were coming in and out of the pond like mad, but it's fun regardless. I made Jamie duck on Sunday, a little dry, but not too bad.
freezing to death deer hunting '96

We are deer hunting pretty deep in the north woods, about an hour walk down an old logging trail, but it's a pretty good spot with tons of sign of deer. I've got a good spot on a ridge overlooking a swamp and some high ground, tons of scrapes and rubs in there and I guess there were two pretty big 8 pointers shot in there last year so hopefully I see something this year. I guess a pretty massive 10 pointer was seen in the area, that would be sweet.

It was pretty warm for November so today I got out for a pretty good ride. It felt good to wear shorts and jersey, haven't done that for a few weeks and probably won't again for a long time, but it was nice today. Felt decent and wish I was racing, but hunting has been keeping my mind off it and a fun change of pace for the fall.

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