October 26, 2008

Out of Retirement

This weekend marked the return from retirement, I haven't been hunting in years.
From about as long as I can remember my dad and grandpa have been going up north, which for people from Wisconsin is usually a destination anywhere north of where they live, for us it's always been up near Pembine, or Amberg, which is maybe about 10 miles from the WI/MI border.
Until I started racing a lot more in the fall/winter, driving up north and hunting over the weekend was pretty common in fall, I don't think I've been there now for about 6-8 years though. Since I'm out for the rest of the season, it seemed like a good chance to get back up there and spend some time in the north woods again.
I shot a couple deer up there before retiring from that, and I new the area pretty well then, but it's amazing how a forest can grow up and trails and paths that were there that I remember are overgrown and spots I use to sit overgrown.
I think all my sisters have gone hunting at one point or other, with four of us it makes a pretty good group to kick up birds and we all got quite a bit of shooting in, although spending time practicing bike dismounts and doing intervals isn't that helpful in knocking down a bird on the fly.
I was o/4 on the day, but we got plenty of shooting so it was good.

It was fun though and a good workout, 7 hours of walking through the woods and I was pretty wasted. I bought a deer tag this year so it looks like in a few weeks I'll be sitting on my favorite rock again and freezing my toes off.

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Anonymous said...

sort of like Brett Favre's retirement?