May 21, 2008

Tuesday Crit, Wednesday Century

It's been a good couple days of training since Sunday's mountain bike race. I felt pretty good after Monday so Tuesday afternoon I drove to Madison for a little Planet Bike team bonding time with Jonathan Page and family while we went over some things. Later that night we made our way over to the practice criterium for an intense hour of interval work which definitley blew the carbon out of the legs and lungs, but it was about time that finally happend.
This morning we were up bright and early and riding east to meet the Tom Schuler of Team Sports "Bone" ride. Ride leaves Milwaukee, rides to the capital for lunch and then back to Milwaukee for about a 150 mile ride. I've heard about this ride over the years so it worked out perfect to be in Madison when it actually happend. A good group of us rode east for about 60 miles before finally running into about 150 riders heading towards Madison. We flipped it and cruised back at a leiserly 22mph while enjoying the company of 150 other riders and a Chipotle burrito after finishing up back on State street near the capital with an easy 110 miles in 6 hours.
I spent some time tonight gluing up road tires on my Zipp 303s for Snake Alley this weekend. The front wheel with tire is in under 800g which is over 200g lighter than the Dura Ace tubeless wheel, so hopefully that translates into a little easier time going up the snake - yeah right. I'm going to try to not go over the top of the snake with a 20 foot gap with Tilford on the first lap like last year and blow up again, at least that's the plan. There is a fine line between going over the top with the leaders and going over just too far back and getting caught out in traffic, that race can be lost going over the top on the first lap if you don't make the split. It was a tough couple days of riding so hopefull some good recovery between now and then brings the legs around.
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Seth C Eckert said...

hey nice race tuesday. to bad we got caught right the end.