May 25, 2008

Snake Alley Criterium

I don't know how many times over the years I've been to Burlington, IA for the Memorial Weekend races. Snake Alley is by far my favorite crit but it never gets any easier, I just need more races in my legs before coming back to this race again. I drifted back through a few groups and finally ended up in a group that was keeping steady and ended up finished one better than last year and claimed the last spot in the cash - 25th.
I think this year I saw more guys standing on the sidewalk puking on different parts of the course than in previous years, it's fun watching guys ride straight of the course on the back section huntched over their bars with drool down to their top tubes - one more spot for me!
I think I moved up more spots from guys blowing up and dropping out than I actually passed.

It was fun though and a compact crank with sew up Zipp 303s and a 15lb bike definitely helped out when the legs were getting tired and I could still spin up the climb instead of muscling an overgeared bike. Today is another crit in the park, should be good for speedwork and a little more intensity trainineg.
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Sarah Lukas said...

noice. I think I'm happy with my choice of doing a 15 mile mtb race...

nice finish