May 15, 2008


Shredded the first trails of the year today and my hands are sore enough to prove it. Rode the new trails in the kettles that they finished last year and they are much better now that they have had time to settle in over the winter. The Zaskar is way sweet and now that I have the SID bumped up to 100mm of travel it feels even better.
Normally I would ride these trials on a full suspension but I haven't had the time to dial in the Marathon yet, and since I'll be riding the rigid at the WORS race this weekend it was good to get out and really break it in good and work out the kinks before the thrashing this weekend. It is fun to ride a hardtail though because they are so much more responsive and this one is super light, under 21 pounds right now with some modifications coming to put it at around 20 I hope.
I wonder how long that stick was in there?
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D A N O said...

I put that stick there about 3 weeks ago when you were on your honeymoon.