May 11, 2008

Finally in Shape?

I finished "base" riding today which means I should be fit, not necessarily fast though. I was trying to explain to Jamie that riding 5 hours a day brings you the fitness, but not really speed and that is the second part of training. This spring has probably been the most successful base training I have finished in a long time. I managed to stay healthy throughout and I can only think of a few workouts that didn't go as planned, and other the wedding/honeymoon, I stayed extremely consistent. I finished off the final week with multiple 5 hour rides culminating in a 120 mile slog over 6 1/2 hours. I felt fantastic throughout and today got out on the mountain bike and rode some trails since it was so windy and nasty out and couldn't tell I'd even ridden the day before - must of gotten myself in shape finally.

This week I have a bunch of small rides planned and without a car I'll be participating in "bike to work week" for most of my ride time. I'm looking forward to the low hours though, my feet needed a break. For some reason the last week my big toes have been getting sore, probably from being squashed in the end of a carbon fiber shoe for too many hours.

My new bikes are slowly getting dialed in. I got a new SID on the Zaskar and all the tires stans'd up with some lightweight tires, it felt really good riding today and I think I have it dialed in good enough to finally get through a ride without stopping to move the seat or handlebars at all.

This coming weekend is a road race and a WORS race to choose from. We'll see how the week goes bore I make the decision.

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