March 30, 2008


Yep, been riding. This week I actually felt like I was doing more good than bad when the hours started adding up and the recovery between rides is finally starting to be noticeable. No pictures though, haven't been able to fit the camera in my pocket with all the ipod cords, jackets, and food items that fill them up, don't want to get an empty gel packet all over my screen. I don't think the temperature has changed in the last month, 35 almost every day but it's not bad to ride in, I can get away with a thermal vest, jersy and underlayer just fine and as long as I don't have to wear a coat or jacket I'm happy. I bring one along just in case, I've been riding too many years to leave that one home this time of the year, it's saved me a few times when the sun disappears or a headwind picks up. I was over helping the Matters do some painting Saturday afternoon, one day of that was OK for me. I'm hopefully going to make it to Madison on Tuesday and meet with the company giving me mountain bikes for this season, I'll have more on that when I am sure it's OK, but it sounds pretty rad I am pretty happy with what I have heard. More to come on that.
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