March 27, 2008

Things have sped up a bit around here the last few weeks. The wedding is only a little over two weeks and final plans are being made while the training volume increases. I've been getting some decent rides in and finally starting to feel like a bike rider again, the weather has been ok so that always helps. Jamie got waxed by an SUV the other day so that has only added to the list of things we don't want to think about right now since we're down to one car and two completely different schedules. For some reason her car got smashed, but I'm the one riding my bike everywhere, but I don't mind. It was supposed to snow here today but I think it's going to miss us and go south, I saw the first stem of green grass yesterday, there is still life here in Wisconsin.

Fontana NORBA is this weekend, it still blows my mind that we have this gigantic country with a million cool places to ride your bike and they choose Fontana to hold a "national" caliber race.

Maybe NORBA will be popular again when the racing is better and they post more than the top 3 in the results.

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Anonymous said...

Dang dude, Is she OK?