February 6, 2008

You'd think we lived in Aspen or something, it's been snowing since 6pm last night and it's still going. No need to hit the gym when shoveling takes an hour and you can't even see what you shoveled when your done. I don't remember a winter with this much snow in the last 10 years, while I was gone in Belgium there was a ton of snow, and since I've been home there's been at least 2-3 more storms with significant snowfall. I'm hoping it sticks around long enough for me to get my skis on and enjoy a few weeks, I got out on Sunday and had some good wax going so I felt pretty fast again and need to get a few more weeks like that in this winter while we have snow.

I keep seeing pictures of riders out trying to train and ride in the slush and snow and it sure is nice to be able to relax and not worry or stress at all about the weather these days. I get out and ski or lift when I can, but so far I haven't thought too much about a serious training plan, the trainer is still collecting dust and if all goes well, it will continue to do so for a while yet. I have no intentions of getting on the brain drain while the snow keeps coming down. I think it makes more sense to run our seasons in midwest later into the year and start later in the spring than we do. I just checked out the new Wisconsin road racing schedule for '08 and the first race is April 5, but every year those first races are just miserable and cold with mostly poor turnout so I can't figure out why we don't race into August and September and start racing in May when it finally is decent out to train and race. The season in Wisconsin mostly ends in July after superweek, there are only two races on the schedule after superweek which just seems messed up since that is when our weather is the best.
I think the cross season is going to start earlier this year in the US, but I still think all the road racers training in this weather have it way worse than anyone training for the cross season. Everyone always talks about how cross racers love it cold and miserable, but think about how nice it is while they are putting in the bulk of their training, it's 70 and sunny out, I think cross racers might actually have it figured out!

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