February 7, 2008

Rocky Style

The workouts the last few days have been brutal, I think I have about 4 hours of shoveling in between work and home. I couldn't get the snowblower at work going to do the sidewalk that was plowed in with heavey road snow so I thought about it for a while and decided Rocky wouldn't use a snow blower, he'd find the heaviest shovel there was and hit it up in sweat pants and sweatshirt, so I decided that is what I was going to do too. I started out pretty slow since I was pretty fried from shoveling 16" of snow yesterday at both locations, but by the end of the sidewalk an hour later I was a snow shoveling machine and feeling like a champ.

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Last night I pulled the bonehead move at 11pm and locked Jamie's keys in her car while clearing off the windshield with the car running. It was a late night. I thought about leaving it to run out of gas, but figured it probably wouldn't by morning so I made the $60 phone call to bail me out. Man it costs a lot to be a nice guy.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to be shot from all the cross-country skiing or snowshoeing... I've learned early on to get outside and get tired playing in the snow first - the shoveling can wait!